Hi Andy.

I received the wedding album to my work yesterday and we think it’s fantastic! Thank you so much for everything over the last couple of years (from the engagement shoot to now). I hope we don’t need to say this, but it never hurts to, we absolutely love your work and your approach to it. Arranging and dealing with a large volume of people is not easy and we’ve been to many weddings where this has shown and where to brides and grooms themselves have had moments of their day ruined by the photographer not achieving things easily or quickly. All of our guests loved you too and those people who weren’t there who I’ve shown the photos to have commented on how great they are. Granted, you have some really attractive subjects to work with but the end results are truly amazing and ones we shall admire for the rest of our lives.

I wish you all the best with everything else in the future and if/when we need another photographer for a special event we hope you’ll be able to join us then too.