Court Lodge Farm, Kent wedding of Jude and Jonny

Court Lodge Farm wedding photographer

Jude and Jonny were married at the lovely church of St Peter’s in Ditton. Jude, who only lives around the corner from the church, elected to walk with her Father Alan. It always seems like a proper old English village wedding when the bride walks to the church, It’s how it would have been back in the day.The small church was completely filled with all family and friends, so many that it was standing room only at the back, again this takes you back in history as sitting in pews in church is a relatively new thing. Prior to that it was a standing only affair. After the lovely and intimate service the guys greeted each and everyone of their guests, who after greeting the very recently married couple made their way out of the Lich gate to join the very long confetti line we’d organised. Every one of the guests seemed to have confetti so Jude and Jonny were duly drenched with the stuff, bio-degradeable of course. After the bombardment everyone made their way across the road for tea and cake at the Church Hall before all getting on the coach provided to make their way over to Court Lodge Farm for the reception.

Court Lodge Farm had been beautifully decorated by the the newlyweds with some lovely thoughts and touches. The guests and families were candidly photographed as the wedding reception got underway with drinks and great looking canapés. There were games provided too: a foosball table that Jude and Jonny played on and a massive Jenga set that was very popular, old schol entertainment, who needs a wifi connection to have fun. We took the guys away from their guests briefly for some more romantic and intimate portraits of the couple plus some individual shots too.

All in all a lovely and wonderful wedding at the stunning Court Lodge Farm. To view our Kent wedding photography gallery.

Court Lodge Farm
Court Lodge Farm wedding
Court Lodge Farm wedding photographer
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