Film Photography Fuji Acros

So now I’m at a film related crossroads with my film revival.

Hasselblad, Mamiya and Bronica with various lenses and a Sekonic light meter all looking lovely and film stock researched and in the fridge ???? #acros anyone.

I’ve been using Kodak Express in Camben to develop and low res scan the few films, really just to make sure the cameras and lenses are all working.

Now I’d like to develop and scan myself, it would save me money and give me control. The best scanning option without paying for a drum scan would be to get hold of a now very old Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 the 9000 still go for over £2,000 yikes. I’m also tempted and had researched the Epsom V800 and V850 flatbed scanners. They’re new, affordable and quite well-regarded but in every bit of my research the interweb says the Nikons are far superior #arrrrhhhh

So now I’m waiting for eBay to come up with a used Nikon 8000 but if after a month there’s nothing then I’ll order the Epson. Will keep you posted.