Fine art film wedding photographer

I’ve been itching to get back to a little film shooting and as with vinyl and all things retro, film is making a bit of a comeback. A fine art film wedding photographer shooting hybrid mainly digitally with just a little film for fun. Film stocks like EKTACHROME are coming back from the dead and more wedding photographers are dabbling in the film world. I do find it lovely though that for all these newbies this is their first time with film whereas I shot countless weddings back in the day on the very equipment I’m resurrecting.

Talking about equipment I just happened to have my Bronica ETRS on my “shelf of forgotten cameras” but bought a couple of accessories to make it complete enough for taking a few rolls at upcoming weddings. With only 15 shots per roll, I needed 3 backs to keep me going and although the camera has a metered prism I wanted to use an incident handheld lightmeter, it’s sooooooo much more accurate. I already had a digital Sekonic but I prefer an analogue dial type of meter and found a lovely Weston Master V, which is the meter I used back in the day.

I’ve been shooting off a few rolls to test that the leaf shutters in the lenses work properly and each 120 film back has no light leaks. Also tested the spot metering in the AE prism finder. All these tests have to have accompanying notes as there’s obviously no data to view and I won’t see the developed and scanned films for a few days.

I’m actually enjoying the awkwardness of using film again and generally having to think things through before pressing that shutter. Every time you press that shutter it costs just over a £1 and you only have 15 shots before a roll change is needed; better make every shot count.

Cost wise it works out at £1.03 per shot for mono and £1.07 per shot for colour. That includes buying the film, developing and scanning the film and postage.

I’ll be taking a roll or two of colour and black and white at a few weddings this year and presenting the results as and when they appear on my film specific blog at … … and in my main blog too. Fine art film wedding photographer Howling Basset has a nice ring to it.

It will also be nice to present my lovely wedding couples with some proper film from their day too. Easier to store and archive too.

OOOOO excite 🙂