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Greenwich Wedding Photographer

Greenwich Wedding Photographer – Howling Basset

I’m a Greenwich wedding photographer and have been for nearly 30 years, I did start young.

I began shooting weddings in the early 90’s and on film, the digital revolution was a little time off. Starting with film photography is a huge advantage over photographers who have never shot with film. With film there’s less scope for error with exposure and as photoshop had literally only just been born in 1990, you just had to get the shot right in camera. If something needs moving or the light is wrong you have to physically change it, before the shot is taken. I have heard wedding photographers say … “I’ll change that in post” NOOOOOOOOO … it’s lazy and just means more editing time for the photographer and more delay for the couple eager to see their wedding photos.

Anyways … after shooting hundreds of weddings for National Weddings and Kodak Weddings on film I took a break whilst I worked as a Senior Graphic Designer. In 2004 I started Howling Basset Limited (named after my Basset Hound Snoop, who howled) to shoot digital weddings. First camera was the FujiFilm S4 but quickly progressed to full-frame with Nikons D3 and D700 (I miss that pairing to this day). Since 2004 I’ve shot a little over 1,000 weddings all over London, Kent, the south and as far away as Edinburgh. So together with all my film wedding photography I’ve easily shot over 1,200 weddings. 

I’ve shot many weddings here in London over the years but I recently moved to Chislehurst and have an office in Greenwich at Thames Side Studios  near the Thames Barrier.