Well I’ve moved …

Seeing as I have all this unexpected free time due to the Coronavirus I’ve actually gone and done a job I’d been putting off my months, no years … a new website.

Howlingbasset.com had a very old and un-supported WordPress theme and was getting more and more clunky as I kept patching this and that. The time had come to move. Now the dilemma, should I just pop another WordPress theme on hb.com, that would be the easy thing to do but it just kept failing. There are an awful lot of legacy pages and posts and hb.com was hit with a Google penalty a few years back so I decided to start from scratch on another domain I already had … howlingbasset.co.uk … I know seismic shift from .com to .co.uk

Then to find a theme that would not only look great but perform well and that was written for creatives. After much research settled for a theme from Flothemes. Quite pricey but sooooo much easier to design and use and looked lovely straight out of the can, so to speak.

So a week’s worth of design, re-writes and blog post migration and the new site is up and running and looking rather lovely if I do say so.

The new site runs a smoother too, which is better for everyone …

I’ll be keeping howlingbasset.com alive for sometime to come but my main site will from now on be howlingbasset.co.uk