Wedding photography FAQs

London Wedding Photographer – FAQs

Here are some typical wedding questions I often get asked but if you can’t find your answer here please do not hesitate to get in touch!

How many photos do we get?

Always a hard question as it depends on so many variables; number of guests, hours covered, weather etc. I do promise a minimum of 600 photos. It’s usually always more though

I don’t see any formal family shots on your site or blog?

I don’t include any groups in the examples or blog but I do shoot them at every wedding for approx 20 minutes after the ceremony. They’re a fabulous family record and keeps the mums and grandmas happy. I will go through my usual group list but I’m also happy to work from your shot list with any specific photos you might like. They’re quick to do and I do make it fun. Here’s an article I wrote about formal group shots

Can I give you a list of photos we’d like on the day?

A list of the family group shots is fine but having to constantly refer to a checklist really would slow up my day and stifle the creativity you’ve seen on this site. Some magazines and blogs provide an “essential shot list”; these are fine but I’d shoot all theses images anyway.

Do you have a second photographer?

No I tend to shoot alone and as can be seen for the blog and examples I do manage to capture pretty much everything. Having a second photographer just leads to duplication, costs you more and makes it harder to be less intrusive on your day. However, if you prefer to have two photographers shoot your big day, a second photographer option is available for £300 extra (depending on location).

Travel included?

Yes, all travel costs are included within reason. I’ve photographed weddings on the Essex coast to Brighton and central London and have never charged any more for travel. The furthest I recently went was Edinburgh I did charge for the Easyjet flight, no diva requests for BA

Do you do engagement shoots?

Yes I love to do them. If you’re nervous in front of the camera or just want to practice before your big day I would encourage you to try an engagement shoot. I prefer to meet you at a place that has some significance to you both. The location of your first date, your favourite beach or town etc. For more information about an engagement shoot click here

How long does it take to see our wedding photos?

Typically it will be no more than two weeks after the ceremony and usually a lot less, it does depend on the time of year, summer is always busier. There will be a few “sneaky peeks” within a day of the wedding and after editing I will post the images online to your own web page (secure if you want) and send you the link.

Do we keep the files?

Yes all the high resolution jpeg files are yours to keep, share and enjoy. I do like to use some for promotional purposes, but happy not to if you request.

Can we pop our photos to Facebook?

Of course, the photos are yours after all. A link to this site would be great but only is that’s OK.

Do we get the RAW files from our wedding?

No the RAW files are never made available for viewing or purchase. The files you receive will always be the best shots professionally edited.

The Paparazzi

All of the guests will have their own phones, tablets and cameras and as far as I’m concerned the more the merrier.


Sometimes I’ll be limited in just what and how I can photograph your wedding. For example most churches will insist on no flash photography; to stay at the back, not to be seen and only to move during the hymns. I would advise you to check with your minister, registrar and venue on any particular rules they may have. I’ve even on occasion had vicars insist on no photography at all in church, flash or otherwise.