Knowlton Court Wedding Rebecca and Tom

Knowlton Court Wedding Rebecca and Tom


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

… or helicopter, vintage bus and car to be more precise.

A lovely, exciting and relaxed wedding at Knowlton Court of Rebecca and Tom.
I drove over to Knowlton Court to photograph the preparations at the “Dower House” where all of Rebecca’s family were staying. Then onto a 1950’s vintage bus with the family to head to the church in Brook. Rebecca was heading there with her father Richard who just happens to have a Gazelle helicopter. Our journey time was 45mins (slow bus) the Gazelle 7mins.

After the lovely and intimate ceremony I went with the newlyweds and dad to a field behind the church where the transport for the day was parked (not sure that’s the right adjective for a helicopter).

Richard set up what looked like a satnav only the routes were just straight lines and up we go. A fly around the church to wave at the guests and then a very, very short trip across Kent back to Knowlton Court. Very smooth, very quick and very convenient. We were obviously the first to arrive and after a quick drink it was off to take some romantic shots of them both. The extra time that was gained by flying was a lovely treat and great at this time of year too, as the light so quickly fades.