Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 for wedding photographers

Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 for wedding photographers.

After a busy days wedding shoot and with the driving it’s a very long day indeed and when finally getting home I have to then download all the images from the various cards. I did have a couple of card readers but I tend to shoot on small cards as a protection measure so sitting there waiting for cards to move to my mac, ejecting and then popping in the next one was a tad time-consuming and not exactly what I need at the end of a busy wedding day.

The Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 has been in my Amazon list for a little while and as the wedding season is starting to kick off now I treated myself to a four bay hub and four card readers.

Then I read an article about Hedge for Mac … http://hedgeformac.com … which is the coolest copying and verifying software which automates the process and checks all the files as they copy.

I can now get home, load up ALL the cards from the wedding into the Lexar hub in one hit, run Hedge and leave!!!

Yay!!!! 🙂