Little Silver Country Hotel wedding of Chloe and James

Chloe and her NINE bridesmaids got ready at her parents house in Ashford. Nine bridesmaids is a definite record for me. Lovely and vibrant ladies though all dressed in shades of blue dresses that matched but don’t if you know what I mean; each with a slightly different cut.

Then off to the Baptist Church in Ashford which is beautiful and light inside. The church literally opens onto the road so it was decided not to take shots here but I’d already talked with the couple and we had found a place near Singleton Lakes do some couple shots. Arriving in style in a 1933 Rolls Royce, me in a Honda Civic; we popped into the meadow there for some romantic shots. A lovely, lovely spot which I’ve used before for family portraits.

Then onto the lovely Little Silver Country Hotel in Tenterden for the reception.