London Wedding Photographer Howling Basset

Well I have finally moved closer to becoming a London wedding photographer and have a lovely little house in the leafy suburb of Chislehurst next to Bromley. Yes I know people still regard it as Kent, but Bromley has been London borough for over 50 years, so there (what’s the emoji for a Raspberry).

Although most of my wedding photography will still be based in Kent I’m really looking forward to becoming a Bromley and London wedding photographer more in the future also. The rail links from this area are fantastic and I can be in London Bridge in under 25 minutes and for £5!!!!

Greenwich is only a few miles away too so you can add Greenwich wedding photographer to my ever increasing range of wedding photography areas. Tessa my 5 year old and for whom I’m Daddy day care has a wonderful new infants school just a 3min walk away. My wife Mel reduces her commute from 90 to 50 mins and saves £500 a month on the train and gets a seat too.

Yay to being a Chislehurst Wedding Photographer

London Wedding Photographer