Lympne Castle wedding – Louise and Simon

Lympne Castle Wedding Photos

Lympne Castle in Kent is quite simply one of the best wedding venues in England and an absolute joy to photograph. With its rich history, roaring fires (in Winter) and lovely ceremony and reception rooms its the ideal place for your wedding. Louise prepared for her big day in one of the many cottages at Lympne Castle as did Simon, obviously not together. The cottages are literally a stones throw from the castle and are within the grounds.When the bridal party are ready then its just a very short walk down the spectacular drive, with its lovely planted borders, to the castle. Louise was a little shy of having the preparation shots but we kind of persuaded her that they can be fun and start the story of her big day off. Once we’d finished photographing Louise its then a dash down to the ceremony room to get in position and take some shots of the anxious groom and his best man and guests.One thing to watch with Lympne Castle is the ceremony room’s windows point directly into the sun so the photographer or celebrant may need to pull the curtains. This makes for better photography plus it ensures that the guests can see the couple without squinting.After the lovely and emotive ceremony, Louise and Simon led their guests outside for drinks, canapés and to start the photography. A strangely very brigh day indeed for this time of year and we had to shoot the group shots directly into the sun with fill in flash. The guests have their backs to the sun, but also the sea, and the flash “fills in” the resultant shadows. Only way to do on a very bright day and with little shade for larger groups.Once the group shots are over then its time to take the couple on walkabouts around Lympne Castle for their romantic couple shots.A lovely venue, great couple and the foods great too. Lympne Castle Wedding Photos by Howling Basset – Kent based wedding photographer.

Lympne Castle Lympne Castle wedding

Lympne Castle wedding photographer

Lympne Castle wedding photography