Moving to Fuji from Nikon

Well after shooting over 1,000 weddings over 15 years with Nikon DSLRs I’ve only gone and done it; sold everything and moved over to to FUJIFILM.

I could go one about the weight saving, which is huge. A Nikon D810 with grip and a Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art lens is a heavy beast and that’s just on one shoulder. My other had a Nikon D750 with grip and a Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art lens, still a heavy combo. To test the difference I got all the relevant weight details and roughly matched them with kitchen produce and popped the pasta sauce bottles, butter etc into a carrier bag. Wow the extra weight I carry with Nikon/Sigma over a potential (at this stage) and equivalent FUJI setup is HUGE. 

I need at least two camera bodies and went for XT-3s … a beautiful retro looking camera but packed with so much tech. I went with the Chrome version as my wife said it went more with my image, which is just a polite way of saying OLD. I do tend to wear a tweed type suit to weddings with holdfast straps so a couple of film-looking chrome cameras does complete the look a little better. At my age less Hipster more Hip-Replacement but image is everything and I do try and look as smart as I can for my wedding couples.

I’ve owned a FUJI before the lovely (yes cameras can be) X100. Proper dials in metal and an aperture ring on the lens a wonderful camera but in its first incarnation very slow to actually use. I loved the rangefinder style look and having a big nose it’s nice not to have it squished into the back of the camera. Plus there was a little nostalgia as my first photography job in 1987 was a ships photographer and we used Leica M4-Ps.

I had a spare Nikon Df and traded that in for an XT-3 with a 56mm F1.2 to test. The maths tells me and if I’m wrong I really don’t care but this performs with regard to separation as an 85mm F1.8 because of the crop factor, which is fine and gathers light as a F1.2. The combo is light, fast, the EVF is wonderful and it’s just a joy to use. One thing none of the reviews I’d read, and I read a lot, say was the two main dials, ISO and shutter speed can be locked. Missed that feature from my Nikon D3. 

So wedding season proper is a few weeks away and I’ve taken the XT-3’s out on a few portrait shoots the first one being a dog shoot in some local woods. A trial-by-fire; a dark, fast dog in a dark wood is a real test and initially I actually found it really awkward to shoot with the XT-3. Just not as snappy in operation as a Nikon DSLR and looking at the EVF, although good it just isn’t reality, if you know what I mean. I used all the FUJI’s autofocus tricks to try to photograph the dog and I can say that they were sharp and crisp and better than I would have gotten from the Nikons. The 56mm is, I think, the slowest and earliest of FUJI’s lenses too.

Anyways so the actual reason I changed from Nikon to FUJI: The weight saving of course, mirrorless and all the loveliness that entails. EVF, silent shooting, AF off the sensor itself, complete coverage of AF points across the frame etc etc … BUT … the real honest reason I changed, and never mentioned in this type of piece, is I was just BORED.