My Camera History


On a whim I decided that it would be cool to collect every film camera I’ve ever owned and pop them on display in the office; a conversation piece of 8

Zenith TTL – A Russian tank of a camera with a remarkably good lens.

Chinon CE4 – This was lusted after in the shop window of Dixons and it still makes a lovely, lovely winder sound.

Mamiya C220 – This is the camera I had when I was doing an ‘A’ level in Photography at Shrewsbury College. A beautiful camera and the shots are still stunning and I’ve actually taken it out with me on recent weddings.

Canon A1 – Think I bought this in St. Thomas in the Caribbean as my personal camera, very nice.

Rollei 35S – A friend of mine introduced me to this mini marvel. Superb photos and a joy to use; guess focus – old school.

Canon T90 – Now this was the technological masterpiece of its day and if you pick it up today you expect there to be a screen on the back. Its design really has influenced every camera that came after it. Called the “Tank” in Japan it certainly is built like one.

Canon New F1 – A proper professional camera this one and my last 35mm film camera 🙁

Bronica ETRS – When I started wedding photography back in the very early 90’s, 35mm just wouldn’t cut it so I had to see my entire Canon kit at the time and get myself a couple of ETRS’ and too few lenses. 15 shots on a roll, extra backs attached to my Batman-esque utility belt along with my trusted Weston; camera attached metering wasn’t allowed as it was too inaccurate.

There you have it, my camera history.