St Julian’s Club wedding photographer for Amy and Daniel

Amy and Daniel held their ceremony at the extremely pretty church of St. Mary’s in Kemsing, this was where Amy’s parents got married 33 years ago #sweet

I started with preparations at Amy’s parents place not too far from Kemsing where Amy and her three bridesmaids got ready. A couple of hours of prep do fly by and in no time it was time to leave, me in my Fiat 🙁 … Amy and her dad in a lovely old white classic Rolls Royce. I arrived a good 30 minutes before Amy at the church. This gives me time to have a chat with the vicar, see what their rules are and to photograph Daniel and the groomsmen. Church rules of do’s and don’ts vary a huge amount. From Vicars who insist on NO photography at all to those who say anything goes.

After a lovely ceremony it was off to one of my personal favourite Kent wedding venues St. Julian’s Club near Sevenoaks. A lovely wedding venue with some lovely aspects to shoot; with great staff fronted by Nell. The Conservatory which has an incredible canopy of wisteria is a beautiful backdrop as are the stunning views and lavender everywhere. It was a very bright and hot so I finished off the group shots and only took a few romantic shots of the couple as I’d prefer to wait until later in the day when I have better light. Easily done in summer but you don’t get the luxury of shooting later in the winter.