The Old and the New

I’ve been sorting out the attic and came across this print of my darkroom from the late 80’s. I was working as a cruise ship photographer and this was the set up we had on, I think, the Stella Solaris which sailed out of New York, south to the Caribbean, east to Bermuda and north to Canada.

Hand processing colour film in a completely dark room on a pitching ship was always fun and having to constantly repair the Dursts with anything and everything to keep them going was certainly character building. I remember the thermostats broke on the print processor so we had to use heating elements from kettles and ice from the disco to maintain an even temperature; the youth of today have no idea 🙂

I learnt my craft, travelled the entire planet, had more fun than you can possibly imagine and earned good money too.

When you compare it my current set-up then its funny to see how much has changed in 30 years. Am I nostalgic for film and want my own wet darkroom again, well yes … but would I really want to go back … NAH!!!!

What is bizarre though, I’m convinced it takes much, much longer today to get images back to my clients.