The Old Kent Barn wedding of Rebecca and Ryan

The Old Kent Barn Wedding Photos

The Old Kent Barn was the fantastic location for the wedding of Rebecca and Ryan. The Old Kent Barn has become, and it quite a relatively short space of time, one of Kent’s finest wedding venues. With incredibly well manicured and flourishing gardens and the most beautiful wedding gazebo in Kent (my opinion). The new oak-framed barn that has replaced the old marquee is sublime and big enough to cater for the largest of weddings. Te bridal preparation room is also beautifully furnished and decorated and is a photographers’ dream to shoot. Once the preps are shot and the bridesmaids and bride are ready they are transported to the old barn by a tuk-tuk. They group here within the original old barn ready for the bridal procession to start. After we’re in position, usually within the gazebo the procession through the canopy commences and it really makes for some lovely shots … an example.The ceremony has to, for legal reasons, take place within the gazebo itself and although beautiful the exposure difference between the relatively dark Old Kent Barn gazebo and the brightness of outside where the guests are is quite challenging. Once the ceremony is over then the signing of the register happens. This is when the gazebo’s size comes into its own as all the bridesmaids, flower girls, pageboys etc can all sit and watch and this makes for some lovely wedding photography.After the service the more formal shots take place. Family groups, confetti, the BIG group shot and if time and light at this time the more romantic shots of the couple themselves. The Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography.