Wedding photographer backup plan

I’ve shot very close to 1,000 weddings now some of them back in the film days. That makes it sound like the dark ages but one advantage of film was its physical permanence; it actually exists. Shooting digitally is fantastic and I certainly wouldn’t want to go back but you just have to remember that when you’re shooting images are just being stored magnetically as bits (literally) of data. Cameras and cards will fail, it’s not a question of if but when, and every photographer should shoot with this in mind. This is a lot more important for wedding photographers as the day just can’t be repeated, failure just is not an option.

So here’s my wedding photographer backup plan

I always shoot with DSLRs with twin card slots and preferably of different types. My current Nikon D810s have a CF and SD card slots. I change out the CF cards at 32GB and all the files are backed-up to a 128GB SD card.
If I do shoot with a single card camera like my beloved Nikon Df then I use multiple small cards 8GB and back them up as I go onto a Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA drive.

Once home the files are popped onto my Mac’s RAID drive and also uploaded to my Amazon Cloud Drive The original cards are left full. This effectively means that the wedding photos are in three different locations. One in my home, one in an Amazon data-centre and the other (cards) on my person.

It’s a bit of belt and braces approach but hey it’s a wedding!!